Safe Routes to School

The Portland Safe Routes (SRTS) to School Program works to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety for students, families, and staff and to encourage more walking and biking to school in Portland. These activities improve academic performance, student behavior and self-confidence. Walking and biking to school also reduce traffic congestion, childhood obesity, busing costs, and air pollution.

Most recently, Healthy Portland worked with the SRTS Committee in Portland and the Public Schools to create the Portland Walkways Initiative.  The Walkways are one mile routes identified and signed to each elementary and middle school in Portland.

Knowing there is a common route where your child can walk to and from school can be reassuring and feel safer.  Also, knowing where there is a one mile route near your house can be a good motivator to get outside and walk! 

If you want to learn more about the Walkways Initiative or if you live along a Walkways route and want your own sign for your yard, Contact us.


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