Healthy Portland Works!


Healthy Portland would like to recognize Portland businesses and organizations for their wellness efforts through the Healthy Portland Works! Worksite Wellness Recognition Program. Investing in health in the workplace and in the community reduces health care costs, improves productivity and creates a healthy and thriving workforce.

All Portland worksites are encouraged to apply and will be evaluated across the following categories:

• Organizational Support: Organization has a wellness leader or committee that organizes and advocates for employee health promotion.
• Program Development: Encourages the promotion and marketing of employee health promotion programs through multiple channels of communication such as email, paycheck stuffers, newsletters, website, etc.
• Tobacco-Free Workplace: Encourages worksites to be completely tobacco-free as well as helps employees in quitting tobacco use.
• Physical Activity: Encourages employees to be physically active both in and out of the workplace.
• Healthy Eating: Encourages healthy food choices at work and in employees’ daily lives.
• Policies that promote wellness.
*Worksite must have a written tobacco policy that meets or exceeds Maine state law to participate.

Five designations of recognition are possible to achieve, and using the Good, Better, Best rating scale, points totals will determine which recognition level a worksite receives:
Rising Star (0-10 points) Bronze (11-25 points) Silver (26-40 points) Gold (41-50 points) and Platinum (50+ points). Participants will be honored at a recognition event in the Fall of 2015. 

Click here to begin your online application. Applications are being accepted until August 31, 2015. A representative from Healthy Portland will notify you when your application is received. For questions regarding the status of your application, email Stephanie Gagne, or call 874-8449. 

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