At Healthy Portland we are committed to reducing exposure to secondhand smoke and helping community members live tobacco free lives.  Some of the resources available to Maine residents are:

  • Maine Tobacco HelpLine: The Maine Tobacco HelpLine offers toll-free telephone counseling and nicotine replacement therapy to anyone in Maine who wants to quit using tobacco. In 2005, there were 15,526 calls to the HelpLine, more than in any previous year. Calls represented every county in the state, in proportion to the number of smokers in that county. Since 2001, the Maine Tobacco HelpLine has serviced over 55,000 callers.

  • Secondhand Smoke: Community Health Promotion Specialists at Healthy Portland are available to provide free technical assistance and resources to any organization or multi-unit housing complex interested in developing a smoke-free or tobacco-free policy, even for indoor or outdoor events. For more information about creating a smoke-free or tobacco-free policy, contact Stephanie Gagne at (207) 874-8449 or email at:



  • No Buts! and Star Stores: Blocking underage tobacco sales is one of the best ways to reduce youth smoking rates. The No Buts! program offers tobacco retailers free training for their employees using an online training tool. The Star Store program, like No Buts! is a voluntary program with the goal of reducing tobacco messages, advertising, and promotion that youth see in stores. 


  • The Butt Stops Here: Tobacco litter is defined as any form of tobacco, including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco or snuff, and any material or device used in the smoking, chewing, or other form of tobacco consumption, including but not limited to cigarette papers and pipes.  Click here for more information.



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