Menu Labeling

Smart Meals for ME encourages local, non-chain restaurants in Portland to provide calorie information on menus.

Nine out of ten (90%) consumers underestimate the calorie content of restaurant foods by more than 600 calories. This underestimation could result in a weight gain of 9 pounds per year.

Healthy Portland offers assistance to restaurants including:
• Meeting with a Registered Dietitian
• Nutrition analysis of menu items
• Assistance reprinting menus with new calorie information
• Restaurant promotion

Participating Restaurants Requirements:
• Standardized recipes and access to any product nutrition labels
• New menus printed within 3 months and kept posted for at least 6 months
• Clearly labeled calories for at least 20% of menu
• Average calorie needs statement on menus
• Full nutrition facts offered in a brochure
• Participation in program promotion and evaluation

Click here to see a list of restaurants participating in the Smart Meals for ME program!


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“As a customer, I like to make informed decisions when dining out with my family. As a business owner I want to be a leader in providing nutritional information to our community and wasn’t about to wait for a federal mandate to tell me what was the right thing to do.”  ~ Christopher Tyll, Owner of Pat's Pizza

“With most Americans eating a third of their calories out at restaurants, we at El Rayo feel it is our responsibility to procure and prepare local, sustainable food that taste great and gives the diner plenty of healthier, nutritional options.” ~ Cheryl Lewis, Chef at El Rayo

“It is a wonderful opportunity to share this information to our customers so they can make educated choices.” ~ Diane Madden, PeRx-U-Up

Smart Meals for ME was part of the Communities Putting Prevention to Work grant and was made possible with funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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